Garrett Jurgenson

Apprentice gunslinger from Alkenstar


Garrett Jurgenson

Neutral Good Human Pistolero 4
9872 XP

STR 13 +1
DEX 20 +5
CON 15 +2
INT 16 +3
WIS 18 +4
CHA 15 +2

HP: 37

AC: 21 = 10 +5 (DEX) +4 (Armor) +1 (Nimble) +1 (Buckler)


Fortitude 6 4+2
Reflex 9 4+5
Will 5 1+4


Double-Barreled Pistols 6/6 1d8+5 x4 20ft Can fire 2 shots/attack at -4 hit
Pistol Whip 6 1d6+1 x2 free trip attempt [+5]
Sap 5 1d6+1 x2 nonlethal damage
Longsword 6 1d8+1 19-20/x2 masterwork

(T) Alkenstar Guardsman – (1 Perception, Sense Motive; class skill)
(T) Self-sufficient – (
1 Heal, Survival; class skill)
(T) Gritty Survivalist – (1 Grit)
(T) Formally Educated – (
1 Alchemy, Kn: Engineering)
(H) Rapid Reload
(1) Two Weapon Fighting
(3) Point Blank Shot
(4) Deadly Aim
(5) Improved Called Shot
(7) Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
(8) Greater Called Shot
(9) Improved Critical
(11) Signature Deed

Class Abilities:
Nimble +1

Up Close and Deadly – [1 grit] deal +1d6 damage on a hit, or half damage on a miss
Gunslinger’s Dodge – [1 grit] immediate action 5-foot step and +2 AC, or drop prone for +4 AC vs. ranged attacks
Quick Clear – [0* grit] remove broken condition as a standard action; [1 grit] remove broken condition as a move action.
Gunslinger Initiative – [0* grit] +2 Initiative
Utility Shot – [0* grit] seal a bleeding wound, blast a lock, scoot an unattended object,
Pistol Whip – [1 grit] make a melee attack with a pistol for 1d6 damage and trip.


Acrobatics 12 4+5+3
Bluff 10 4+3+3
Craft (Alchemy) 9 1+3+3+2
Heal 13 4+3+3+1+2
Perception 11 4+3+3+1
Kn: (Engineering) 11 4+3+3+1
Ride 11 3+5+3
Sleight of Hand 11 3+5+3
Sense Motive 12 4+3+3+1
Stealth 12 4+5+3
Survival 9 2+3+3+1

Languages: Kelish, Osiriani, Dwarven, Taldan

397 gp
Double-Barreled Pistol (crafted)
Double-Barreled Pistol (starter)
Gunsmith’s Kit
Mithril Chain Shirt
Masterwork Buckler
Hot Weather Outfit
Steel Mirror
Hooded Lantern /w 2 pints of oil
Scroll Tube
Simple Firearm design schematics
Water skins
Powder Horn (20 units)
20 bullets
30 Paper Cartridges
Antitoxin x3
Antiplague x3
Alchemist’s Kit
Healer’s Kit, Masterwork
Silk Rope, 100ft
Grappling Hook
Masterwork Backpack

Shopping List

Masterwork Dragonbreath Pistol 650 gp (crafted)
Masterwork Coat Pistol 525 gp (crafted)
Flare Cartridges x5 25 gp (crafted)
Resin Cartridges x5 100 gp (crafted)
Adamantine Bullet x6 153 gp (crafted)
Salt Rock Shot x5 30 gp (crafted)
Light Warhorse 110 gp
Total 1593

dual wield Double-Barreled Pistols
levels 1-5: 2 Full-Attack actions, 1 round of reload (unless firing both barrels simultaneously)
levels 6-7: 1 Full-Attack (3 shots), 1 reload/attack
level 8+: Revolvers/Rapid Shot for maximum awesome


In Alkenstar, there are only three types of people: the strugglers, the supporters, and the feeders.

Garrett grew up in an unremarkable family in Martel, the small town that lies in the shadows of Alkenstar’s massive towers. He was never comfortable with the mediocrity dealt to him by fate, and leapt at the opportunity to apprentice himself at the Gunworks at the age of 14. There, he devoured the secrets of metallurgy and alchemy at a rate far surpassing that of his peers until, at age 16, he was accused of stealing parts from the factory. Though they never were able to prove the theft, Garrett was thrown out onto the streets, and if it weren’t for a generous independent gunsmith artisan from Dongun Keep who noticed him assembling his hard-earned weapon in a back alleyway using the scrap metal of a rain gutter to hold parts together, he would have lived on in relative poverty and obscurity.

With the help of Orragalt “Copper-tooth” Throngard, Garrett was given another opportunity at success in the Alkenstar City Watch. War criminals, thieving refugees, and wild-eyed killers abounded in Alkenstar, and the Watch was more than happy to overlook a minor infraction for a pair of capable hands. While Garrett wasn’t patrolling the streets of Alkenstar, he lived with his mentor and helped run the old dwarf’s business.

Six years later, Garrett has risen to a respected rank in the City Watch, and has been in more than a few deadly firefights. At his promotion to Sergeant, he was given a silvered pistol by his mentor Orragalt, a gift he treasures to this day. He respects Alkenstar and its people a bit more than when he was younger, though he still wishes to see what the wider world is like, outside the eternal haze of sand and soot that blankets the city. He has heard tales from Gebbite refugees of a society of adventurers and explorers known as the Pathfinders, who travel the Inner Sea and beyond in search of lost treasure and old knowledge.

Garrett believes that there is a time and a place for both underhanded and straight-laced tactics. He is fiercely independent and dislikes relying on others, but he enjoys leadership positions wherever possible. He attributes his success in equal parts to luck and hard work, and reveres Torag as his patron deity. He may no longer be a struggler, but Garrett still doesn’t see a place for himself in the existing paradigm of Alkenstar.

Garrett Jurgenson

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