Even in Golarion, a world rife with adventure and marvelous beasts, the exploits of heroes still stir hearts and inspire the masses. Those who seek moral lessons from their myths follow the deeds of Aroden, last of the first humans, who emerged from the tumult that sunk the continent of Azlant, gave culture to the people of Taldor, and reclaimed the Starstone from the depths of the Inner Sea. Those who seek excitement prefer saga heroes like Bragi Balehammer or the indefatigable Molaho Khem, whether or not these fanciful adventurers ever really existed. But those who seek to claim the mantle of fame as their own, who seek to enrich themselves by unwinding the secret history of the world, turn to champions whose exploits can be read, verified, and followed. Such bravos tread the footsteps of the elusive Pathfinder Society.

Members of the Society are part archaeologist, part historian, and part foolhardy adrenaline addict. They chase rumors of treasure like miners prospect gold, and often come out richer in the end. Their mother lodes are the crumbling ruins of ancient civilizations and the forgotten funeral chambers of centuries-dead monarchs. Such places often boast powerful guardians or recalcitrant squatters, so the life of a Pathfinder is fraught with danger. Few die in their beds.
Seekers of Secrets, Page 3, used without permission.

The Pathfinder Society has faced terrible perils over the course of its 405 year history, but few incidents have come so close to ending the prestige (and the very existence) of the Pathfinders as the Shadow Lodge Insurgency. Led by rogue elements within the Society and avaricious outsiders who hoped to use the organization for their own ends, the Insurgency has left scars on both the Society and its members.

In its wake, the Pathfinder Society struggles to find its way. Rogue elements of the Shadow Lodge still exist, plotting revenge; the acceptance of the Shadow Lodge into the annals of the Society has not sat well with all the members, some of whom recall battles against Shadow Lodge agents in horrific detail. Several battles were fought within the grounds of the Grand Lodge itself, costing the lives of dozens of aspiring candidates for membership and placing the very future of the Society in jeopardy in the wake of the massacre.

The Pathfinder Society is looking for solutions to its current crisis; are you able to answer its call?

Portals to the Past

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