Marcos Farabellus

Master of Swords at the Grand Lodge


The current Master of Swords is a scarred and broad-shouldered man with a black beard and a booming laugh. A career soldier before taking up with the Pathfinders, Marcos’s novel tactic of hiring himself out as a mercenary commander in important conflicts (the better to understand the varied forces at work) has led him to make history as often as record it, especially in the border skirmishes between Nirmathas and Molthune.

Marcos understands that his job as Master of Swords is not to turn Pathfinders into warriors, but rather to keep them alive while they do their true work of discovering and recording. He focuses not only on straight-up combat but also on trap-setting, endurance training, breaking and entering, dirty tricks for stopping a fight before it starts, and all the other physical skills a Pathfinder might need. With his boisterous camaraderie and endless supply of war stories, Marcos is easily the favorite of the Three Masters, and in turn his affection for his “little brothers” is legendary. Yet while he may be the most lenient and outwardly cavalier of the masters, he takes his role seriously.

Marcos Farabellus

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