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Portals to the Past is a campaign that begins with the Pathfinder Society — specifically, with a motley group of would-be adventurers who are seeking to join that august body. Rising from the humblest of origins, the adventurers will cross the lands and seas to reach the Grand Lodge of Absalom, the heart of the Pathfinder Society, there to undertake their apprenticeships at the City in the Center of the World.

But even in the heart of the greatest city in Avistan or Garund, there will be challenges, and traps, and secrets to discover. Will the adventurers slip the traps set before them, complete their training, and pass their final test in the heart of a lost Siege Castle?

The Grand Lodge
The Grand Lodge of the Pathfinder Society lies in the heart of Absalom’s Foreign Quarter, consisting of a fortified manor and several outbuildings used by the Society to house personnel, artifacts, training rooms, archives, and museums.

The Foreign Quarter of Absalom
The Foreign Quarter of Absalom is where most of the non-native residents of the city live, largely due to relaxed tax restrictions. In most districts, non-citizens pay more for basic city services, but in the Foreign Quarter this is not the case. Local law also extends the protections citizens of Absalom enjoy in other districts to anyone who has been a resident of the Foreign Quarter for at least 3 months. As a result, merchants who have business interests in the city, visitors from other lands who have run out of funds to buy a ticket back, foreign adventurers trying to make their fortune in the City at the Center of the World, and displaced peoples with no other home to go to often end up here. The culture in the Foreign Quarter is even more tied to other nations than elsewhere in Absalom, and some blocks have a distinct Chelish or Osirian feel to them as members of those lands gather in tight, small communities. The Foreign Quarter is also home of the Irorium, a massive arena that holds numerous fighting bouts each day. While many of those that fight within are professional gladiators, there are always a few poor and dispossessed in the Foreign Quarter willing to take up a sword to earn enough coin to buy a better life, or sea passage home. The local name for such untrained neophytes is “meat.”

Authority Figures:
Torman Iates, District Nomarch, owner of the Crimson Coin
Ysia Iron-Palm, High Priestess of Irori
Ganafen of House Kethlin, District Councilman, Master of Blades
Lord Omrys of House Ahnkamen, District Councilman

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